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WARRIOR | UpBeat Barre | Beats & Burn


WARRIOR Rhythm™, WARRIOR Strength™ and WARRIOR Combat™ deliver classic modalities like yoga, functional training, and kickboxing in thrilling, original ways. See video.

UpBeat Barre

UpBeat Barre combines strength training, Pilates, cardio, and yoga into a high-energy fusion of fun. UPB rocks popular tunes for an intense and accessible muscular-endurance workout. 

Beats & Burn

Beats & Burn is a heart-pounding workout that combines cardio, drumming, and full-body sculpting. Unleash your inner drummer as you embark on a high-energy journey, sculpting muscles and burning calories to the electrifying beat.


Monday | 530pm | 45mins

Fitness-focused with yoga undertones, WARRIOR Rhythm™ increases strength, flexibility, and balance. It’s yoga +  weights +  HIIT + mindfulness rolled into one insanely rhythmic experience! Get ready for unconventional yoga flows and unforgettable playlists designed to unleash your inner wild thing!

Friday | 530pm | 45mins

Enjoy a mashup of WARRIOR formats - we might fight, flex or "woosah" our way into the weekend. 

In this 45-min class, we enjoy elements from any of the combined formats to kickoff the weekend feeling strong, empowered and rejuvenated.

Tuesday | 530pm | 45mins

Boxing inspired, powerful,

and fierce, WARRIOR Combat includes high intensity intervals, stress-melting strength training, and music driven fight combinations.

This empowering conditioning class makes you feel like a confident badass.

UpBeat Barre
Saturday | 930am | 45mins

UPB is a muscular endurance based workout that fuses strength training, ballet, yoga and pilates with popular music to create a sweaty, fun and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity designed to include everyone.  UPB puts the FUN in functional by utilizing a full range of motion mixed with small muscle movements.

WARRIOR Strength
Wednesday | 530pm | 45mins

WARRIOR Strength™ is for all levels and all types who want to sweat and feel their muscles burn!

With playlists that literally rock and original formulas WARRIOR Strength is a one-of-a-kind endorphin rush!

Beats & Burn
Pop Up Only | 45mins

Beats & Burn is the ultimate full-body workout that combines, bodyweight exercises, and drumming. Get ready to unleash your inner drummer and embark on a high-energy journey that sculpts and burns calories to high-energy music. Experience the heart-pumping workout that will leave you feeling energized.

LOCATION Breakthrough Studio | 534 Mendocino Ave. | Santa Rosa, CA 95401

PRICING $15/Class | Monthly Unlimited Options Available

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